Welcome I'm happy that you found your way here.

Who am I?

I began life in Enköping, Sweden during 1986 where I grew up until I turned 18 years old and felt like that it was time to explore the world a bit. Since then I have spent a lot of time at Universities, travelling, exploring myself and the world as well as hanging out with a lot of nice people. 

Welcome to my small hideout on the Internet. Here you can find some photos that I have taken, some information about my current projects and some blog posts from my travels. If you are interested in my professional life as a researcher and engineer, please have a look at my research page for some examples of my interests and some projects that I am working on. Enjoy!

What do I spend my spare time on?

These are some of the current major projects that currently takes up most of my spare-time under 2017 and 2018. A lot of small projects are also going on connected with Business development, reading, cooking and outdoor activities such as hiking and canoeing.

Swedish circuit

Preparing for 90 km cross-country skiing, 300 km biking on country roads, 30 km running over the hills of Lindingö and 3 km swimming in a river.


Focusing on yoga, Stoicism and Toastmasters International.


Developing modern apps with cloud-based back-ends.

Playing the guitar

Following the awesome course offered by Justin Guitar.


Focusing on landscapes and streets using my Nikon D3300.

Connect with me

I love to connect with new people for networking and to share experiences and idea. Therefore, do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions connected to my research or would like to discuss anything related to my interests and my homepage.