Finding survivors in disaster areas after earthquakes, tsunamis and floods

Fusing information from many different sources to be able to estimate where it is likely to find survivors.

It is often difficult to coordinate and plan the rescue work after a disaster such as an earthquake or a Tsunami. In this project, we aim to develop statistical models that can combine information from cameras mounted on UAVs, maps, cell tower information, etc. to create a probability map over an area. This map would tell the first responders and other emergency personnel where it is most likely to find survivors after a disaster. Hence, this can be used to have the lives or more people trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings, etc. These models need to be constructed in real-time as more information is collected from the area. Hence, efficient computational methods are required and developing these are also a major aim of this project.

Image is used under Creative Commons with credits to Mark Dixon on FlickR.