Source code and data

All my source code is published on GitHub to simplify version control and collaboration. Click here for a list of all my repositories or see the link in the description of each paper in the publication list. The code can either be accessed by cloning the corresponding repository or downloading the code as a zip-file. Instructions on how to run and modify the code are available in the file in each Git repository.

If you want to clone a repository using Ubuntu (or Debian) you need to install the git package using

sudo apt-get install git

and then e.g. execute the following command

git clone

where ##repo## is replaced with any of the available repositories. Then the code will be downloaded to the folder ##repo## created in your current working directory. The code can at anytime be updated to the latest version by executing the command

git remote update

while having ##repo## as the current working directory.

Many different tools exist for Windows and MacOS, e.g. you can use GitHub for Windows and GitHub for Mac.