I am Johan, a data wizard and entrepreneur based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I began life in Enköping, Sweden. As a young boy, I quickly found an interest in Mathematics and Computer Science, which led me to study Engineering and then to pursue a PhD based on research and coursework.

I received my PhD degree in May 2016 after successfully defending my thesis which contained a total of 17 peer-reviewed papers (13 conference papers and 3 journal papers) published at top conferences and journals in the field.

During my research career, I have worked at a number of different companies and universities. I visited Prof. Robert Kohn at he University of New South Wales, Australia during the autumn of 2014 as part of his PhD studies. I have also worked as a Research Scientist at Sectra AB and as a PostDoc at the division of Statistics and Machine Learning at Linköping University as well as at the School of Engineering at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Today, I am an entrepreneur and freelancer who is passionate about creating true value from data. I aim to do this via my own products and together with customers as a consultant within the AI space.